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Back after a long hiatus…

The current situation at my house:

  • garden, and weeds, in full bloom
  • trying to find a home for a recently-written novel
  • son learning how to walk, talk, talk back, and be a cute/wonderful little person
  • new daughter joining our family last month

But now I’m back and needing an outlet for my home-y, mom-ly, writer-ly, reader-ly thoughts.  Though sleep has been slight these past few weeks, ideas haven’t been and I’m anxious to put pen to paper (or rather, cursor to screen?) again.  Welcome back readers! What’s new with you?


I have to brag about something:  I currently have amazing biceps .  Shock and awe, sleeveless-shirt worthy biceps.  I’ll even give my secret to these biceps away for free.  Free!  Today only!  Special offer may be void in Alaska or Hawaii.

The answer: Parenthood.  Who knew?  Continue reading MomStrong