I’m just a typical gen-y-er living in our nation’s bread, or at least corn, basket.  I teach at a college and “mom” as a profession, but gardening, cooking, writing, and reading are a few of my passions.

Basic Manifesto:

  • I’m not perfect.  I hope you’re not either or we probably won’t get along.
  • If I can make it a little easier, I probably will.
  • For food, fresh is best.  For movies, the oldies are goodies.
  • I can stray into granola territory, but don’t expect you to follow.  Heck, I like to cloth diaper, but not everyone’s baby can have a cute bum like mine.

I look forward to hearing your comments and reading your blogs!

Not in Iowa
Taken while not in Iowa

If you’re looking for my blog about writing, reading, and the book life, check here.

Let me know what you think:

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