Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Preview of Things to Come

This blog is an annual tradition of mine from plotting the garden to the final harvest, so I’m back again this season for another round of garden talk, memories, and recipes.

This year, I’m scrapping some of my traditional plants: no cucumbers or squash this year… or at least, not at draft one of the garden plan. Instead, I’m going to try potatoes and sweet corn, two additions that even my father never planted. More on that as the experiment progresses.

I brought my young daughter to the local farm supply store to pick out seeds and stopped by the baby chick display. Some year, though not this one, I’ll head home myself with one of those small, cheeping cardboard boxes that I see others leaving with. I’ve got chick envy; I’ll admit it.

Today my husband tilled. This is his annual contribution to the effort and one I’m grateful for. I could barely wait until the tiller was back in the shed to go out and dig my hands in the dirt. I planted two rows of carrots (Nantes variety) and about forty yellow onion sets. Tomorrow, if the ground is soft, I’m putting in the snow peas and I’ve got the potatoes ready to pop in the ground on Tuesday.

I’m building a trellis system for our raspberry bushes this year, and hopefully this summer I’ll have some good raspberry recipes to share.

Since I’ve got nothing fresh to share a recipe on today, I’ll share a research item instead. As I map my garden plot each year I like to look at compatible plants to put nearby. I don’t want my plants bullying each other, after all. This resource from the Farmer’s Almanac helps me cross check to ensure a healthy environment for my little sprouts.

Are you planting anything new this year?